November Pattern Challenge

Nerida Hansen is one of the esteemed judges for our November #patternmood21 challenge, co-hosted by 


She is the owner of Nerida Hansen Fabrics and the creator of the Patternfield app. She is a force in the textile industry. Her company curates and produces quality fabrics with artful designs and easy to sew patterns. She also recently founded the Patternfield App which will assist the surface pattern community in licensing and selling their work.

AND Guess what????

As her prize for the challenge, she will be selecting 6 of her favorite patterns that are posted at #patternmood21 on Instagram( selection will happen at the end of November.) She will then actually MAKE FABRIC with those 6 designs and work out a licensing arrangement with each of the creators!!!

Hope you will join in this fun challenge!!

All you do is

  1. Create surface patterns inspired by the prompts( we gave two days for each one.)
  2. Post what you create at #patternmood21 
  3. Check out the wonderful posts at the hashtag and cheer each other on!
  4. Tag the hosts if you wish

If you can’t do them all… join in when you can. It’s meant to spur creativity and community… not create stress!!

The other judges will also be awarding PRIZES.

They are:

@katiekortmanart…Fashion and surface pattern Designer currently competing on Project Runway

Racheal Taylor…Designer and creator of @makeitindesign 

Margo Tantau… product developer for @studiomoutdoor and creator of @windowsillchats 

@dearstellafab… a modern artful fabric company 

Mia Galison… owner of @eeboopieceandlove 

Leigh Stanley… artist and owner of @curlygirldesign 

Kae Pea… artist and owner of @artfoamies

SPREAD THE WORD and support all of the gorgeous art by visiting #patternmood21

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