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Very clear instructions and your delivery is great! As an ex-teacher I’m very aware of presentation, pacing, clear speech. I’ve taken lots of online classes: all from talented artists, but not all know how to teach! Thank you Lori, I will be making birds and tweaking the designs for many years to come. I have a lot of materials to use up.

Jodee Costello

My first online class with you. Great content and easy instructions and explanations. Love the extra bonus material too!!!

Angie Walsh

Lori…you are impressive in every way. Presentation of the workshop is excellent.

Jan Bryan-Hunt

I found it perfect Lori. Perfect pace and instructions. The photos of everyone’s gorgeous birds tell me people have found your videos to be an excellent spark for their own creativity. I haven’t completed any yet but have some ready for adding personality to. Now that New Zealand has gone into Lockdown I have no excuse.

Francie Ryder

I really enjoyed your class and thought you did a great job!

Ruth Bissot

Lori Siebert…you had me at the very first bird you posted months ago…the online class is designed so that all of the artists can put their own spin and storytelling to use. The way you showcased untraditional art materials was priceless! I have a studio full of diverse found objects that I now look at with fresh eyes…my art philosophy is “seeing things not as they are…but what they can become.” Thanks for all of the great inspiration…sending wishes for success in your next chapter!

Darlene Madden

Thank you Lori for a wonderful class. It has been a great spark back into my creativity. I think you did a great job explaining. I like the fact that I can go back and rewatch the video and see the little details I missed the first time. Thank you for your willingness to share your creativity with the world.

Kim Scoggins

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