#wordsofcomfortandhope challenge winners!!!

A million thank yous to everyone who created and supported the #wordsofcomfortandhope art journey.

This was a challenging project for so many reasons. The messages, memories and meaningful pieces created were beyond expectation. What a special and loving community this is!

It has been so moving to learn more about your loved ones who have passed and the tools you used to adapt when faced with grief. The power of art as a healer continues to be proven as an outlet to move through the toughest challenges.

Thanks to my co-host: Jo Turner

And a BIG THANKS to our judge Susan January of @leanintreecards!

She had a hard time picking pieces, as each was so poignant for different reasons. Leanin’ Tree plans to publish these designs in their Everyday Card Catalog for January 2024.

*If you see your name and you have not been contacted in a DM on IG…please let us know*

Those selected are:​

Tracey Coon, Noonday Design

Christine Anderson

Lots of love and gratitude,​

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