Rainbow of Flowers Instagram Challenge!!!

I am once again co-hosting a MAY FLORAL CHALLENGE !!!!!

with  Kirsten Katz  and also  Janine Brewster 

The theme is “Rainbow of Flowers… 31 days of Beautiful Flowers”

Here’s how it works… 

1. We will provide a color way each week and a list of possible flowers for inspiration.

2. You can create each day or once/twice a week… however inspired you are!!

3. You can select a flower or flowers from our prompt list (or pick your own in the color way of each week.)

4. Use WHATEVER MEDIUM you love to create gorgeous floral art or craft

5. Post what you create at the #rainbowflowers2023

At the end of the month… three esteemed judges will be looking at the work posted and awarding prizes to their favorites!!!

They are…

 Jo Packham… Co-founder of Made Tv Network 

 Julia Veenstra…contemporary Artist, founder of The Square Foot Show, Galleriest and Art Coach. 

 Wayne Hueners ….Cofounder CEO and Creative Director of Werkshoppe 

I CANNOT WAIT to see the rainbow of gorgeous floral images in May!!!

Help us to SPREAD THE WORD!!! The more the merrier!!


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