Artful Junk Birds-Online Course

TODAY….at long last…. my “Artful Junk Birds” course is officially ready to be accessed RIGHT when you purchase the course!!!

Lots of you have shared your excitement for diving into creating these assemblage art pieces right along with me!!! I’ll be checking in to the class Facebook page daily to see what you are making and answer your questions. Please share your wonderful birdies!!! I’m so EXCITED to see them all!!

THIS IS GOING TO BE THE MOST INCREDIBLE FLOCK!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and enthusiasm!! I have a few more class ideas up my sleeve for down the road!!! Stay tuned!!! Happy BIRDING!!

In the words of Ted Lasso…“ I appreciate you!!!”


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Four Findings-Issue 43

Four Findings-Issue 42

Artful Junk Birds-Last chance for your Early Bird Discount!

Artful Junk Birds-3 Days Left for your Early Bird Discount!

Four Findings-Issue 41

Artful Junk Birds-Early Birds Discount!

Four Findings-Issue 40