Gudrun Sjoden GIVEAWAY

This week…I want to introduce you to someone very special who brings so much light and joy to the world!!

Meet Radiant Rachel!!

Gudrun Sjoden Brand Ambassador

Rachel Awes works as a psychologist, art playgroundist, and author, who loves listening to the beauty in people and animals and all living colors—and she truly embodies color, as she is also an ambassador for the Swedish clothing company, Gudrun Sjoden.  She is currently finishing her fourth book, that’s all about tending to your heart in all your relationships. Her prior writing has been nonfiction prose, infused with loads of her colorful drawings, all designed to affirm the human heart. She lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota, with her husband and tortoises, complete with wild bunnies in her yard, and two dear sons (ages 23 and 25) living nearby. Her most tender and mighty hope is to hold up a mirror for many, reflecting a hearty truth of your boundless worth.

You can see more from Rachel at her website at and her books and art prints at You can find her hosting monthly Instagram Live shows called Insides Matter (you can also see the recorded versions) at and also at and

You can receive FREE illustrated spring prompts if you sign up for Rachel’s (also free!) “Worthy Eyes Meditation” at

We are doing something FUN together!! ENTER OUR GIVEAWAY!!!!

Since Rachel and I are both Gudrun Sjoden ambassadors, Gudrun is giving away something very special to two lucky winners!!!

Here is how you can enter the giveaway! You can sign up for the giveaway by leaving a comment on my Rachel Awes/Gudrun Sjoden post today by saying something like “I would love to enter!” and your name will then go into the random hat! (Rachel is also offering this same giveaway, so you could find her at one of her links above and enter with her too!) The winner will be announced Monday March 14 on our giveaway Instagram post and the winner will also be emailed. Good luck dear ones!

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