Come Listen In

Something really wonderful happened this week that I want to share with you!

I was featured in an episode of a beautiful podcast called The Creative Genius Podcast with Kate Shepherd.

Founder of Morning Moon Nature Jewelry, Artist & Host of The Creative Genius Podcast, Kate Shepherd believes that everything that is wrong in the world can be traced back to a series of limiting beliefs we hold around creativity; what it is, what it does and who has it in them (or doesn’t). Creative Genius is a love letter to the creativity that lives inside all of us – Kate is on a mission through this podcast, to help as many people as she can to remember that we all have it in us. 

The show, among the top 5% of podcasts listened to worldwide (across all categories!), is candid, insightful & heartfelt conversations with some of the most brilliant, creative minds & hearts of our time – We talk about creativity, the creative process, limiting beliefs that keep us stuck AND the magic that can happen when we relearn how to listen to our hearts. 

The intention of the show is to help people everywhere realize that every single person on earth has the potential to be creative.

We had a great time and I am proud of the conversation we had. I hope that you hear something you need to hear when you listen to the episode. Head over to Apple Podcasts to subscribe and listen. Enjoy! 

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