Introducing Artonomo

This week I want to introduce you all to a powerful new business platform that I have been using to manage my art licensing business.

It’s called Artonomo and it was made by creators with art and design licensing in mind.

Artonomo was created as a one-stop solution to manage your portfolio and your business contracts in one streamlined, efficient place. I have to say, after years of creating and licensing artwork, my portfolio can get a bit messy and difficult to manage. Finding and archiving images, and cataloging artwork without creating duplicate names, requires a huge amount of organization.

Artonomo has become my solution because it allows me to tag and categorize my art into an easily searchable gallery. Interested licensees can use the search features to direct themselves right to the art they want with just a couple of keywords.

Artonomo eliminates the need to gather and process art into PDFs to send to manufacturers and licensees. That saves me time and allows me to get back to painting and creating. There are features on my dashboard that allow me to track who is logging in and and what artwork they are viewing most.

So if you are looking for an easy way to organize your art and manage your art licensing business, I would suggest looking into Artonomo.

Click the link below to check out their website and schedule a demo with their customer service team!

Keep creating and stay curious, my friends!

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