March #Coloricombo Challenge Winners!!!

OMG!!! The creativity that bubbled up for the March color challenge was so impressive!!

A beautiful thing to behold. You made it SUPER tough for our judges to narrow down. You are ALL DESERVING for being passionate and talented and willing to put in the practice!!! WISH I could send each and every one of you a big prize! THANK YOU for joining Este MacLeod and myself for this fun Instagram challenge!!

Come back in May for my next one… co-hosted with Kirsten Katz and Kenzie Elston!!! Another fun one!


( I will be contacting each of you to gather your contact details.)

Where Women Create selection

The chosen artist will be featured in “What Women Create” Magazine.

Suzanne Breeze

Hudson Valley Seed Company selections

The art they have chosen will be part of a notecard series featuring Dahlias.



Vi Chung @bloomsandbreakfast

Margo selections

The art Margo has chosen will be applied to a series of beautiful bandanas.

Lisa Coutts

Nina Martell

Shelley Aldrich

Atelier Aquarelle (Tereza Cimburková)

THANKS again to this beautiful community!!!

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