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HappyYouIn22 Challenge Winners

Thank you to the co-hosts for the January #happyyouin22 Instagram challenge!!

Tracy Verdugo

Kenzie Elston

And thank you to everyone who participated in the month long creative challenge!! Wow… so much beautiful work!! Once again… you all made it very tough for our esteemed judges!

Below is a list of all of their favorites. I will be contacting each winner with more details and to gather contact information.

Again THANK YOU to all! Look for our next challenge in March… a new color challenge co-hosted with the amazing Este MacCleod.

Lisa Congdon’s Pick

Prize: any print or book from her shop

Kath Waxman

Roben Marie Smith’s Picks

Prize: a PDF of digital art papers designed for this challenge








Jane Monteith’s Picks

Prize: enrollment in her Artist Entrepreneur online class

Louise Swaby​



Jessie Stephens’s Picks

Prize: a signed copy of her book “Heartsick”​

Annie Riker​​

Nelly Edwards​

Andy Meehan’s Picks​​

Prize: Andy wants to invite these artists to discuss making a single card or a small line of cards or stationary for Madison Park Greetings

Top Three​

Lisa Wetegrove

Annie Riker​​

Prize: ZOOM Call with Andy… also known as the GreetingCardGuru – For any artist (from the top three AND/OR all honorable mentions …

Honorable Mentions​

Karin Lauria​


Jenn Perry​

Allyson Wilson​​

Elspeth Dally Designs​

Kicki Fjell​

Beth Logan​

Isabell Larson​

Penny Wolf​

Courtney Prahl​

I will hold a 90 minute Zoom call for a maximum of 6 Artists – to talk about the greeting card industry and have a short portfolio review for each person to give them feedback on card design ideas​. This session will be in March 2022 – time tbd – when Andy has responses from the first 6 people.

Amy Tan’s Picks​

Jenn Nagy​

Mandy Ford​

Prize Options:​

1) a signed book, Amy Tangerine travel watercolor set, other goodies mailed​

2) 30 minute creative consulting session via Zoom​​

Again…thank you…I appreciate you all!!


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A New Floral Adventure

A couple of weeks ago, I was approached by the most lovely person, Monica Michelle, about an interesting opportunity. She is one of the founders of a new network called Bloom TV and wanted ME to consider being part of this venture.


The idea behind this network is to share all things FLORAL… gardening tips, bouquet making ideas, how to use edible flowers, how to create gorgeous wreaths…. Lots and lots of ideas surrounding the magnificence and joy of flowers and plants!!

I’ll be creating several DIY creative projects and sharing art techniques… all focused on florals. I’m nervous and excited!!! 

Since this is brand new and about to launch, Bloom TV is offering  LIFETIME membership to just the first 1000 people for an incredibly discounted price of $99.00!!! You can enjoy how to videos from me and experts from around the globe who will share their knowledge on everything from cooking with edible flowers, to farming and growing, sustainable practices, DIYs and more!!!

You can get your gift card by clicking this link… 

With the launch, you’ll get access to all things floral from this ever-growing community of flower lovers world wide.

This would make a great gift for anyone who LOVES FLOWERS!!

Just wanted to share! Wish me luck on making my videos!!! 


Pattern Mood-Winners!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our November pattern challenge (co-hosts Jennifer Orkin Lewis, Michelle Allen and Kenzie Elston.) 

There were close to 5,000 gorgeous posts!!! The judges had a really tough time narrowing down. We present to you… the winners!

Look for the next challenge coming your way in January!!! It will be another FUN ONE!!!​

Judge Katie Kortman’s Winner

Sally Ann Langley

Judge Rachael Taylor’s Winners

Kristyn Dors
Kenzie Kae

Judge Mia Galison’s Winners

Asta Barrington
Tamar Dovrat
Gail M
Dhara Chauhan
Hazel Jarvis
Annie Riker

Judge Dear Stella’s Winners

Tracey Coon
Kath Waxman
Faye Guanipa
Allyn Howard
Kenzie Elston

Judge Nerida Hansen’s Winners

Sharon Nullmeyer
Jennifer Orkin Lewis
Jo Turner
Kicki Fjell
Sue Zipkin
Karin Lauria
David and Sara
Faye Guanipa
Corinna Buchholz
Sally Murphy
Uta Krogmann
Shelley Aldrich
Megan Carter

Judge Jennifer Orkin Lewis’s Winners

Kirsten Katz​
Sally Murphy​
Kicki Fjell
Katie Oshea​

Judge Kristin Powers’s Winners​

Asahi Nagata
Linda Solovic
Sharon Nullmeyer
Sally Murphy Design

Judge Margo Tantau​’s Winners​

Nina Pace
Asta Barrington​
Sharon Nullmeyer
Nelly Edwards
Allyn Howard

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks for sharing your beautiful work!​