New Instagram Challenge!!


Spring is coming, and so is a special #coloricombo colour month-long challenge.

I’m co-hosting #coloritree together with fellow colour lover Este MacLeod over the coming five weeks until the end of March when there will also be a BONUS treat.

Este and I both have an enduring love of trees and will be sharing colour prompts inspired by artworks of trees for #coloritree. The artworks are created by female artists of the past, each prompt will have a selection of colours picked from a specific artwork.

This is how it works: ten colour prompts have now been complied, to be shared every Monday and Thursday during March, along with information about the female artists who made the artwork Este sourced the colours from.

To keep with the rhythm of the regular Monday #coloricombo prompts it will start a bit early, with the first prompt sent out on 27 February.


Este would also like to invite you to join Four Seasons. This is a brand new, mini five day course with trees as topic, with FREE access during the month of April!

Registration will open in the coming week, information to be sent out to subscribers on her mailing list.

The Podcast

Also, Este recorded the first episode of Art Sparks, a podcast she has been meaning to do for the last four years or so!

The podcast is about colour, creativity and all kinds of topics linked to art and in this first episode she talks about #coloricombo…

I hope that you will join us and also help us to spread the word!! Cannot wait to see what you create!!


Trees are poems the earth writes upon the sky.

– Kahlil Gibran

Four Findings-Issue 91

#wordsofcomfortandhope challenge winners!!!

A million thank yous to everyone who created and supported the #wordsofcomfortandhope art journey.

This was a challenging project for so many reasons. The messages, memories and meaningful pieces created were beyond expectation. What a special and loving community this is!

It has been so moving to learn more about your loved ones who have passed and the tools you used to adapt when faced with grief. The power of art as a healer continues to be proven as an outlet to move through the toughest challenges.

Thanks to my co-host: Jo Turner

And a BIG THANKS to our judge Susan January of @leanintreecards!

She had a hard time picking pieces, as each was so poignant for different reasons. Leanin’ Tree plans to publish these designs in their Everyday Card Catalog for January 2024.

*If you see your name and you have not been contacted in a DM on IG…please let us know*

Those selected are:​

Tracey Coon, Noonday Design

Christine Anderson

Lots of love and gratitude,​

Four Findings-Issue 90

Oops… Need to change challenge hashtag!

​Please follow this hashtag for the challenge announced earlier today!

Sorry for the confusion!!

To Honor Our Loved Ones

We launched the #heart2heart2023 challenge on the 1st. And, in the spirit of love… we are adding a second, very special challenge, this month.

​My friend, Jo Turner, reached out to me about co-hosting a challenge that honors our loved ones. Those who have left this life. There has been such loss over the last few years. We wanted to create a way to give comfort and hope to our community. For me… this one is dedicated to my Mom and Dad.​​

Jo and I each selected a poem to serve as a prompt. Feel free to interpret however you wish… or even select your own poem or quote. All of the details are in these graphics.​

The very lovely Susan January, Vice President/ Product Management for Leanin’ Tree cards will be our esteemed judge for this challenge.

I hope you will join us.


PS. I recently listened to a podcast by Anderson Cooper about grief. I highly recommend it…especially the episode with Stephen Colbert.​

Excited about a New Instagram Challenge!

Celebrating the heart in the month of LOVE!!

Co-hosting this one with my friends:

Kelli May-Krenz

Vanessa Kiki Johanning

​Mary Ann Johnson

1. Just pick one of the prompts each week.

2. Illustrate, sculpt, stitch, draw, letter your creative response to each prompt.

3. Post your image using #heart2heart2023​

Still working on confirming our judge for this challenge.

Will announce that soon!!

Spread the Love… Spread the word!!!

Join the FUN!!​

Four Findings-Issue 89

Four Findings-Issue 88

Four Findings-Issue 87