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Want to join in my Artful Adventures??

​​​​I’ve been creating DIY and arty videos for this network. There is lots of other beautiful floral themed content on the site, too!!

To subscribe…please use Code LoriS2022​

Click here to check it out

​I had my first mentoring session this week with a lovely small group! There are TWO SPOTS still available on Mastrius.

I’m sharing all kinds of info about art licensing in my group.​

Sign up here

​It’s last minute, but I have ONE SPOT left for my “Artful Assemblage” retreat in Milton, Ky on May 9-12 at a gorgeous bed and breakfast. It will be a BLAST!!!

Click here to come along

​I will be teaching in Southern France in September of 2023 at the beautiful Perigord property.

We will take daily field trips into neighboring villages. So dreamy!!! Want to come????​ Click here

​Hope to see you soon on one of these Artful Adventures!


May Month of Flowers Instagram Challenge

Hello Creative Kindreds!!!​​

It’s about to be a FLOWERPALOOZA!!!​ 

Are you ready for another challenge?? How about a whole month of FLOWERS!!!

I am co-hosting this challenge with Kirsten Katz Art & Design​ and Snippets of Whimsy.

​Here are the prompts for the month:

We are going through the Alphabet and giving you three flowers to pick from each day… or do all three together! UP TO YOU!

​ The hashtag where you should post your work is #flowermonth2022

​Here are 5 hints for how you can successfully participate:

(This is open to any medium, any size, any technique… it’s all up to YOU!)

  1. If you do ALL of the daily prompts and you are creating something everyday… keep it simple and doable… like a sketch a day… or something that is fun and won’t stress you out!
  2. If you want to end up with a solid collection of portfolio pieces from the month… select a consistent size and medium and have the paper, canvas or wood panels all ready to go for the month ahead of time.
  3. Decide ahead if you want to do single flowers, flowers in vases, abstract florals, folk art versions, patterns or some other consistent direction for all of your pieces. 
  4. Try new color palettes, techniques, compositions. Challenge yourself to experiment!
  5. Have FUN and don’t put pressure on yourself! These challenges are all about PLAY and just immersing our artistic brains in the JOY of creating!!! If you can’t do ALL of the prompts… it’s NO BIG DEAL!! We just want to see what you do make!

​We have some FABULOUS floral artists as judges this month!!!

They will be looking at all of the work at the hashtag and awarding fun prizes at the end of May. Click on each photo to learn more about them. They are:

Bari J Ackerman​​

Lynn Whipple

Wendy Brightbill​​

Also… Carrie Schmitt will be RANDOMLY selecting someone to receive her prize.​

And Monica Michelle, The founder of Bloom Tv Network will also participate as a judge!!!​

​We CANNOT WAIT to see all of your gorgeous florals!!!

Don’t forget!!! Post your work at #flowermonth2022

And help us talk up the challenge! The more the merrier!!


March #Coloricombo Challenge Winners!!!

OMG!!! The creativity that bubbled up for the March color challenge was so impressive!!

A beautiful thing to behold. You made it SUPER tough for our judges to narrow down. You are ALL DESERVING for being passionate and talented and willing to put in the practice!!! WISH I could send each and every one of you a big prize! THANK YOU for joining Este MacLeod and myself for this fun Instagram challenge!!

Come back in May for my next one… co-hosted with Kirsten Katz and Kenzie Elston!!! Another fun one!


( I will be contacting each of you to gather your contact details.)

Where Women Create selection

The chosen artist will be featured in “What Women Create” Magazine.

Suzanne Breeze

Hudson Valley Seed Company selections

The art they have chosen will be part of a notecard series featuring Dahlias.



Vi Chung @bloomsandbreakfast

Margo selections

The art Margo has chosen will be applied to a series of beautiful bandanas.

Lisa Coutts

Nina Martell

Shelley Aldrich

Atelier Aquarelle (Tereza Cimburková)

THANKS again to this beautiful community!!!

Four Findings-Issue 62

Four Findings-Issue 61

Introducing Artonomo

This week I want to introduce you all to a powerful new business platform that I have been using to manage my art licensing business.

It’s called Artonomo and it was made by creators with art and design licensing in mind.

Artonomo was created as a one-stop solution to manage your portfolio and your business contracts in one streamlined, efficient place. I have to say, after years of creating and licensing artwork, my portfolio can get a bit messy and difficult to manage. Finding and archiving images, and cataloging artwork without creating duplicate names, requires a huge amount of organization.

Artonomo has become my solution because it allows me to tag and categorize my art into an easily searchable gallery. Interested licensees can use the search features to direct themselves right to the art they want with just a couple of keywords.

Artonomo eliminates the need to gather and process art into PDFs to send to manufacturers and licensees. That saves me time and allows me to get back to painting and creating. There are features on my dashboard that allow me to track who is logging in and and what artwork they are viewing most.

So if you are looking for an easy way to organize your art and manage your art licensing business, I would suggest looking into Artonomo.

Click the link below to check out their website and schedule a demo with their customer service team!

Keep creating and stay curious, my friends!